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About Sun River Films

Dave Losko
Sun River Films has been actively producing content for the television industry since 2007. The founder, Dave Losko,  developed and produced a number of shows including; American Travelers, Redwood Adventures, The Longest Swim, and the worlds first 3D Live Stream concert from South Africa (The Parlatones, Dragon Flies and Astronauts).  He has won numerous awards for sound including an Emmy Award for Discovery Channel’s “Bodie A Ghost Town” and a New York Film Festival award for Porsche. He was nominated for an Emmy for MTV’s “If You Really Knew Me”, and for A & E’s “Intervention”. 
Kari Losko
Kari Losko is an endurance runner with a great sense of completing a goal, like running the Western States 100 mile Endurance Race twice. Always ready for the next adventure, she has been learning the film business with Dave and getting very proficient with filming, lighting and location audio. 
Production Team
Editor:  Wes Woodland
Wes is an Award winning freelance editor at Paramont Studios for over 20 years. Editing for The Bachelorette, Dr Phil, True TV and many other prime time shows.
Writer:  Stephanie Locher
Stephanie is currently writing for HGTV’s Windy City and has many writing credits for travel & home improvement shows. 
Camera Operators:  Brendan Compton,  Ryan Logan,  Brett Allen,  Nick Urquhart
Credits include the Greatest Race, Deadliest Catch, ESPN, ABC, NBC, Building Off The Grid
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